Stair Treads

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For most people, their stairs or staircases are often the most neglected parts of their home. In fact, most people completely ignore their stairs and would not even look at them probably when purchasing a home.
They will invest in other aspects for their home such as alarms, smoke detectors and so on, but using stair treads on their stairs is something which would not cross most peoples’ minds.

Stair treads, like carpet stair treads for example, not only provide a protective non slip surface area to each step, but they can be quite attractive if you choose the right one which matches the décor and surroundings of your home.

Make Your Staircase Safer

Stair treads are strongly recommended to put in place if you have younger children or elderly people in the house because usually these two groups have the highest incidents of falls within the home.

Indeed in the UK a law or act was passed back in 1995 with the introduction of the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 acknowledging the importance of having defined step edges especially for the elderly who have reduced vision.carpet stair treads

It is encouraged also to have adequate and bright lighting above staired areas which will help people navigate more safely when going up or down stairs.

Stair Treads Come In An Amazing Range

Whether your stairs are made from wood, carpet, rubber ormetal should not matter because you are sure to find a suitable stair tread to match and combine with the material of the stairs.
Pre-fabricated stair treads are usually quite quick to install and can be ordered exactly to the size requirements of the stairs.

Fibreglass stair treads are suited to environments which require good anti slip and corrosion protection.They are available for outdoor stairs and for stairs of all types of construction.

Open steel flooring stair treads are hard wearing and long lasting and offer a good option for fire escape routes and platforms in an office building for example. In fact, you can find stair treads which are made from rubber and metal for example.

Terra stair treads

Usually you will find that carpet stair treads are used commonly for wooden stairs which can provide a good non slip surface.

Economical and Stylish

Another good aspect of stair treads is the cost element and you will usually find that it is far more cost effective to purchase stair treads than having a completely carpeted stair case.

This money saving aspect is the major reason stair treads are so popular these days.You will also appreciate the look of your stairs because having stair treads will add an element of depth and perspective to your stairs which can make the whole staircase look appealing.

When considering stair treads, it is important to install them on any smooth and dry interior step as long as the underlying contour of the step is aligned to and matches the underneath of the stair tread.
In other words, a good and tight fit between both surfaces needs to be achieved. Prior to installing you must ensure that the surfaces of the steps are clean, dry and free from any oil. Wood steps need to be securely nailed down.